Sorry this site is being redeveloped, but for now please find the following information.

Level 22 Managementhas been going since 2001 and was set up by Jonathan Thompson and Randolph Mike. Both of them have amassed an amazing background within the entertainment industry. Since, Randolph Mike died,  in 2009, the group has since been re-built.  Level 22 will manily follow down the same path as the original team, but now with strongerf ocus on the music industry.

We world like to thank everyone who has waited so long for us to get back on track since our loss.   Our aim is still clear... It is not to act as agents, but to give advice and guidance in order to help clients to develop in their business.  We will work with outside promoters, venues, agencies and media to deliver, constructive and pointed campaigns that are designed to deliver the best results for our clients.

Level 22 Management is still on the lookout for budding actors, singers and presenters who want professional management. If you think you have what it takes to do well, then get in contact now.   

We are going to hold audition sessions and interviews for new and prespective clients very soon.  So if  you want to become a client  also keep any eye on here for more information.

Our email address for temporary contact is:- We will be releasing the new email addresses soon.  

All press related enquiries should go to our media representatives at PBT Media Relations Ltd. via calling:- 01704 513 569. 

Thank you.

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